Additional ERA-only Simulations

This table shows the additional simulations of the CORDEX NAM domain that only use ERA-Interim or ERA40 as a driver. These runs are not included in the NA-CORDEX archive.

ERA40 0.44° 0.22° 0.11° 50km
ERA-Int (part of main archive) 50km 50km 0.44° 50km
Access PoC PoC PoC PoC PoC
Institution UQAM UKMet UKMet CSC M-France
Modeler K. Winger G. Redmond D. Hein K. Sieck P. Lucas-Picher

Data access notes: PoC = Point of Contact (Modeler); ESGF = Earth System Grid Federation; CCCma = CCCma website

Contact information, time periods, and other details are available on the simulations by modeling group page.