Terms of Use

Terms of Use agreement for NA-CORDEX model output

Note: this Terms of Use agreement is based on the CORDEX Terms of Use, modified as appropriate for the NA-CORDEX data archive. The major differences are that none of the NA-CORDEX simulations are restricted to non-commercial use, the data is served from a different data portal, and the data citation and acknowledgements vary accordingly.

Users of NA-CORDEX output agree to the following terms of use:

  1. I will hold no individual(s), organization(s), or group(s) responsible for any errors in the models or in their output data.
  2. In publications that rely on the CORDEX model output, I will appropriately credit the data providers by an acknowledgement similar to the following: "We acknowledge the World Climate Research Programme's Working Group on Regional Climate, and the Working Group on Coupled Modelling, former coordinating body of CORDEX and responsible panel for CMIP5. We also thank the climate modelling groups (listed in Table XX of this paper) for producing and making available their model output. We also acknowledge the U.S. Department of Defense ESTCP for its support of the NA-CORDEX data archive," where "Table XX" lists the models and modelling groups that provided the data.
  3. I acknowledge the potential limitations of the data obtained from this archive. These may include (but are not necessarily limited to) errors in the models, shortcomings in the experiment designs, the conjectural quality of the forcing scenarios used to drive the models, and statistical uncertainty of model results.
  4. I understand that although the model output has been subjected to a quality control procedure, unrecognized errors almost certainly remain.
  5. To aid participating groups in understanding and improving upon their models’ behaviours, I will respond to reasonable requests from the WGCM or from CORDEX data providers for feedback about my CORDEX research results (e.g., reporting model deficiencies, recording CORDEX publications, etc.).
  6. I will cite the NA-CORDEX dataset in my publications using the information provided on the Dataset Citation page of this website.