GEMatm AGCM-Driven Simulations

The NA-CORDEX archive includes CRCM5-UQAM simulations driven by the GEMatm AGCM.

The GEMatm AGCM is essentially a global version of CRCM5. It uses sea ice and sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) from a separate GCM simulation as lower boundary conditions over the ocean for a one-degree global atmosphere-only simulation. The SSTs are empirically corrected by subtracting their historical bias. The AGCM-simulated atmospheric fields and the corrected SSTs are then used to drive the RCM at higher resolution over the CORDEX domain.

These AGCM simulations are named GEMatm-[GCM] in the archive, where [GCM] is an abbreviated version of the GCM providing the SSTs:

GCM providing SSTs

For more information on the GEMatm setup, see the paper:

Hernández-Díaz, L., Nikiéma, O., Laprise, R. et al. Clim Dyn (2019): "Effect of empirical correction of sea-surface temperature biases on the CRCM5-simulated climate and projected climate changes over North America", July 2019, Volume 53, Issue 1–2, pp 453–476, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-018-4596-2