Dataset Citation

When publishing research based on NA-CORDEX data, be sure to include a citation for the dataset itself. The following form follows AMS style and is consistent with the simpler versions of the ESIP recommendations:

Mearns, L.O., et al., 2017: The NA-CORDEX dataset, version 1.0. NCAR Climate Data Gateway, Boulder CO, accessed [date],

The full set of authors for the dataset, and their associated roles and affiliations, is as follows:

Program Lead Linda O. Mearns NCAR
Data Manager Seth McGinnis NCAR
Compiler Daniel Korytina NCAR
CanRCM4 John Scinocca
Slava Kharin
Yanjun Jiao
Minwei Qian
Michael Lazare
CRCM5-OURANOS Sébastien Biner Ouranos
CRCM5-UQAM Katja Winger UQAM
HIRHAM5 Ole Christensen DMI
RCA4 Grigory Nikulin SMHI
RegCM4 Raymond Arritt
Daryl Herzmann
Iowa State University
Melissa Bukovsky NCAR
WRF Melissa Bukovsky NCAR
Hsin-I Chang University of Arizona
Major Contributors
  Chris Castro University of Arizona
  Anne Frigon Ouranos
  William Gutowski Iowa State University

If a citation format requires a full list of authors in lieu of an et al listing, please use this ordering:

Mearns, Linda; McGinnis, Seth; Korytina, Daniel; Arritt, Raymond; Biner, Sebastien; Bukovsky, Melissa; Chang, Hsin-I; Christensen, Ole; Herzmann, Daryl; Jiao, Yanjun; Kharin, Slava; Lazare, Michael; Nikulin, Grigory; Qian, Minwei; Scinocca, John; Winger, Katja; Castro, Chris; Frigon, Anne; Gutowski, William

(Ordering: editors by seniority, then modelers alphabetical by last name, then contributors alphabetical by last name.)