Variable List

This page lists the variables in the NA-CORDEX archive, grouped by subject as described below. The "BC" columns indicate whether a bias-corrected version of the variable is available, and if so, which observational dataset was used as a reference.

LAND: Elevation and land-sea mask
CORE: Temperature and precipitation
ATMO: Humidity, pressure, and wind
SOLAR: Radiation and cloud cover
HYDRO: Surface water (snow, soil moisture, runoff, etc)
MKS: Core variables in MKS units (required by CORDEX specs)

Except for the static variables in the LAND group, all variables are available at daily and longer frequencies. In addition, sub-daily data is available for some variables (precipitation in particular) for some models. Other variables not on this list (e.g. 3-D variables) may be available from the CORDEX archive on ESGF or directly from the modelers; inquire with the point of contact for each simulation for more information.

NA-CORDEX Variables
Variable Long Name Units BC
Daymet gridMET
LAND orog Surface Altitude m
sftlf Land Area Fraction %
CORE prec Precipitation mm/day x x
temp Near-Surface Air Temperature degC
tmax Daily Maximum Near-Surface Air Temperature degC x x
tmin Daily Minimum Near-Surface Air Temperature degC x x
tmean * Near-Surface Air Temperature (approximate) degC x x
ATMO hurs Near-Surface Relative Humidity % x x
huss Near-Surface Specific Humidity kg kg-1 x x
ps Surface Air Pressure Pa
psl Sea Level Pressure Pa
sfcWind Near-Surface Wind Speed m s-1 x
sfcWindmax Daily Maximum Near-Surface Wind Speed m s-1
uas Eastward Near-Surface Wind Velocity m s-1 x
vas Northward Near-Surface Wind Velocity m s-1 x
zg500 500-mb Geopotential Height m
SOLAR clt Total Cloud Fraction %
rsds Surface Downwelling Shortwave Radiation W m-2 x x
rsdt TOA Incident Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rsus Surface Upwelling Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rsut TOA Outgoing Shortwave Radiation W m-2
HYDRO snw Snow Amount kg m-2
snm Surface Snow Melt kg m-2 s-1
snc Snow Area Fraction %
prhmax Daily Maximum Hourly Precipitation Rate kg m-2 s-1
mrso Total Soil Moisture Content kg m-2
mrro Total Runoff kg m-2 s-1
mrros Surface Runoff kg m-2 s-1
evspsbl Evaporation kg m-2 s-1
MKS pr Precipitation kg m-2 s-1
tas Near-Surface Air Temperature K
tasmax Daily Maximum Near-Surface Air Temperature K
tasmin Daily Minimum Near-Surface Air Temperature K

* tmean = (tmin + tmax)/2
** LAF: the fuel model covering the Largest Area Fraction of the gridcell.

Impacts variables (core group, hurs, huss, sfcWind, uas, vas, & rsds) are the most commonly used.
Static variables (land group: orog & sftlf) have no time dimension.
Derived variables (tmean, hurs, sfcWind, & fire group) are calculated from other variables.

Additional information such as sign conventions can be found in the CORDEX variables requirement table.