The North American CORDEX Program

Regional climate change scenario data and guidance for North America, for use in impacts, decision-making, and climate science.

The NA-CORDEX data archive contains output from regional climate models (RCMs) run over a domain covering most of North America using boundary conditions from global climate model (GCM) simulations in the CMIP5 archive. These simulations run from 1950–2100 with a spatial resolution of 0.22°/25km or 0.44°/50km. Data is available for impacts-relevant variables at daily and longer frequencies in CF-compliant netCDF format.

Download data from the NA-CORDEX search page on the NCAR Climate Data Gateway.

Data is also available in cloud-friendly Zarr format on AWS.

This data is freely available under the Terms of Use. When publishing research based on this data, be sure to include a dataset citation like the following:

Mearns, L.O., et al., 2017: The NA-CORDEX dataset, version 1.0. NCAR Climate Data Gateway, Boulder CO, accessed [date], https://doi.org/10.5065/D6SJ1JCH

  • See Data for a full description of the available data and detailed download instructions.
  • See Simulations for information about the models and RCM/GCM combinations.
  • See Guidance for information about how to properly make use of this data.
  • See CORDEX for more information about the international program that NA-CORDEX is a component of.